Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Three Stage Evaporative Cooling

What is Three Stage Evaporative Cooling?

Toon Herman recently proposed an improvement on our Two Stage evaporative cooling process that would result in a supply air dropping by another 1 deg C.

The process splits the sumps between our primary and secondary air sections.

Advantages of this design include:

  1. Up to 7 steps of cooling/heating. This allows for a very flexible and cost effective control strategy because there are so many control options.
  2. Low supply air temperatures. The unit can now approach dewpoint much more closely because of the lack of air reheat in the primary water pack (exposure of our primary circuit to the conditions in the cooling tower).
  3. A complete integrated design. Compressors are located inside the unit and the outdoor coil, located efficiently in a cooling tower with improved oncoil conditions.
  4. Compact footprint. The air intakes are now on three sides of the unit, making the unit very compact to install.
  5. Modular design with hinging doors. Two of the side panels now conveniently hinge open, thereby simplifying the maintenance of the unit.
  6. Most importantly for our customers, our units have been reduced to two configurations: A 6.5 m^3/s and a 3.25 m^3/s configuration. The main benefit of this commoditization  is an effective reduction in cost of about 20% per m^3/s (or kW cooling) of the units.

Building a prototype

Ecoaire and Protek built the first version of this unit in August in China.

Modular side panel can hinge open for maintenance

Integrated Three Stage coil
Integrated dome compressors and outdoor coil. No more connecting pipes and gassing between indoor and outdoor units.
The complete 6.5 m^3/s unit, ready to ship to South Africa