Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Making borehole water useable in Evap Coolers

With current power and water outages nationwide, more and more business have no regular access to municipal water and electricity supplies.

This is forcing people to look at alternatives such as borehole water, which unfortunately typically contains lots of calcium and magnesium ions (hard water).

During evaporation, the ionic concentration of water is increased to the point of deposition and these hard water salt deposits severely limit the lifetime of evaporative coolers, boilers, pipes etc.

We have been developing a water softener to allow clients to use borehole water in their systems:

Our softener:
  • Uses electricity to precipitate ions in the softener, before they end up in your system.
  • Only uses electricity (around 300 Watt) to reduce ionic content to below deposition levels.
  • Uses no salts, resins or any other consumables.
  • Is a sealed, low maintenance stainless steel unit with a long operation time.
  • Is competitively priced to existing softener options.
Initial results are very positive.

Reactor plates

Control unit with power supply and remote access controller

Test reactor 


Deposition of calcite and brucite

Soft mineral deposit being released during regeneration