Thursday, 21 November 2013

Door closed due to aircon

How often do you see that in high summer. Butchers, grocers and small shops, all desperately trying to keep their doors shut in order to keep cool air in, naturally resulting in customers being kept out.

Our evaporative coolers are full fresh air systems. What this means is that our cool air requires you to keep your doors and windows open in order evacuate the "used" air.

There is a much better natural fit between evaporative cooling and shops since:
  • The operational cost of evaporative cooling is a fraction of conventional cooling because of the reduced electrical load. 
  • The total amps drawn by the evaporative coolers is much smaller than conventional cooling. 
  • Because evaporative cooling provide bigger volumes of cool air, rather than the small volumes of very cold air produced by conventional cooling, you obtain a fresh breeze in the shops. 
  • But most significantly is that fact that evaporative cooling wants you to open doors and windows in order to evacuate the cold air and allow the injection of new fresh air.