Thursday, 21 November 2013

South African Government departments turn to Evaporative Cooling

The Department of Environmental Affairs recently bought 24 Evaporative coolers from Protek to provide cooling for their flagship offices in Pretoria.

What makes the project unique is not only that the whole building has been done using two stage evaporative cooling, but that the building also received a 6 star energy efficient rating.

Not only was two stage evaporative cooling instrumental in acquiring the 6 star rating but also worked out much cheaper than a conventional cooling system in both running and capital costs.

Factors such as limited supply and the escalating cost of electricity is driving large office buildings to consider evaporative cooling.

And evaporative cooling has progressed to the point where consistent supply temperatures can be achieved in order to provide effective cooling to buildings using only water.

The DEA is the second government department after the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) who makes use of Protek evaporative cooling.